Linda makes trouble for Owen

Linda introduces herself and Katy’s stunned to realise Linda is her mother. Linda’s shocked to see that Izzy’s in a wheelchair, but Izzy angrily points out that had she not abandoned them, she’d have known. Linda tries to defend herself, but seeing how upset the girls are, Anna insists she leaves. Handing Katy her phone number, Linda heads to the door, accusing Owen of letting the girls believe she didn’t want anything to do with them. Knowing she’s right, Owen conceals his guilt.

Under pressure from Tracy and Ken, Amy reluctantly agrees to go for her birthday meal with Steve and Michelle. Steve’s clearly cheered by this and Liz, Michelle and Tracy are pleased to see a flash of the old Steve. When Steve then thanks Michelle for a lovely evening he kisses her.

Concerned that Gail’s taking on too much, Audrey and Nick offer to organise her wedding for her.

As Dev enthuses about his trip to Mumbai and how he’s looking forward to the charity work, Julie begs him not to go, admitting she’ll miss him terribly. Sharif’s thrilled to find his hens have laid their first egg.