Linda reports the rape to the police!

Linda is determined to make a family day of Mick’s birthday before she finally goes to the police about Dean. When Shirley turns up at the Vic with a gift for Mick, she makes it clear to Linda she doesn’t believe her story about the rape. Forcing herself to go through the ordeal in detail, Linda hopes she can convince Shirley of the truth. After Shirley leaves, Linda and Mick head to the police station.
Charlie and Sharon are desperate to get an innocent Phil out of prison. When an attempt to get Ritchie to represent him doesn’t go well, Sharon visits Phil. She insists they can’t tell the police the truth about Charlie, as she doesn’t want the baby to grow up without a dad. Sharon promises Charlie and Dot that Phil will keep their names out of the investigation.
Stacey is hungover, but is talked into going for a run by an enthusiastic Shabnam. While out on their run, the ladies bump into Kush. Determined to get one over on Kush, Shabnam pretends she’s out of breath and unprepared for the marathon.
Also, Fatboy makes a quick exit the morning after, but overhears Sonia telling Tina it was just a one-night-stand.