Linda takes a nasty tumble

Mick confesses to Linda that Alfie has offered to buy the Vic. Not convinced, Linda wonders if they would only be selling up to escape Dean. Realising how much Mick is hurting, Linda agrees that selling up would make sense. Back home, Linda encourages Mick to move on from the past. Frustrated when he seems to be having second thoughts about the offer, Linda cracks, admitting that Mick is dragging her down. When a hurt Mick storms off, Linda follows, but tumbles down the stairs…

Kat is furious that Alfie has put an offer in on The Vic, reminding him that it’s their chance to start a new life, not slip back into the old one. Realising Kat is right, Alfie proposes another idea, suggesting they move to Australia!

Ronnie is spooked by the tension between her and Vincent. When he threatens her, a scared Ronnie rings Charlie to tell him the truth. Changing her mind, Ronnie covers about why she called him. As Ronnie is about to go to sleep she turns on the light to find Vincent sat in her hospital room. Vincent reveals he knows what happened to Carl White.