Linda tells Mick he must forgive Nancy

Mick and Linda head to the doctor, determined to get answers about Ollie, but are told it could take years before they know if Ollie is brain damaged. Linda has a heart to heart with Honey about their kids, making Linda realise they can get through this if they stick together as a family. Linda confronts Mick, telling him he has to forgive Nancy. Under pressure, Mick tells Nancy that the accident wasn’t anyone’s fault. Later, Mick hands Nancy a wad of cash to visit Johnny in Italy – it’s clear he wants her out of the Square.

Phil wants to square things up and tells Sharon they need to finalise the divorce, offering her half of everything. Making amends with Shirley and Buster, he offers to treat them to dinner as an apology for the way he’s behaved. With support from Ben and Louise, Phil asks Ben to rebook an appointment with the consultant and alcohol support group for him.

Denise visits Jordan in prison, despite Kim advising her not to, and tells him about JJ’s mum. Begging Denise to protect JJ, Jordan insists that JJ’s mum is a bad influence. Denise returns to the Square, telling Kim that she’s keeping JJ whatever the social worker has to say.

Also, Sonia and Tina fall out when Tina gets drunk, prompting Sonia to admit she’d like another baby but she thinks Tina is too immature.