Linda’s forced to bring the problem kids to work

Linda’s forced to bring her niece and nephew, Britney and Joe, to work this week only for them to run amok in the ED! Abandoned by their druggie mother, Denise, the unhappy pair are acting out their anger on their aunt and anyone else who gets in their way…

They steal a mobile phone, write ‘fat cow’ on the back of their aunt’s scrubs and mess up the men’s loo! But this is the least of Linda’s troubles. She discovers Denise is being remanded for assaulting her social worker – and she wants Linda to look after Britney and Joe!

Looking after her troublesome teen niece is the last thing Linda wants to do – especially when Britney steals a baby from the ED to get back at her aunt. However, the nurse has a change of heart and agrees to look after Britney and Joe.

Alison Newman also stars in this week’s Casualty. Alison made a name for herself as ruthless football agent, Hazel Bailey, in Footballers’ Wives. More recently she appeared as DI Sam Keeble, investigating Max Branning’s hit and run in EastEnders (2008), and in last year in BBC1’s courtroom drama Silk.

This week Alison guest stars in Casualty as troubled Mrs Brothwick. She’s the worried mum of Rory, a teenager admitted to ED following a seemingly heroic rescue of a mother and newborn baby from a car wreck. While treating Rory, Tom notices something is amiss with the teenager and he’s hiding burns unrelated to the car accident. Something is seriously wrong, and both Rory and his mother seem to be hiding something. Tom manages to get to the bottom of things and reveals Rory is suffering from psychological problems following the breakdown of his parents’ relationship.