Linda is in for a shock this week when drug pusher Damon turns up at the emergency department demanding to know if Evie’s his daughter!

Earlier this series Linda lied to the violent pimp, telling him his heroin addict girlfriend Annie had died and that baby Evie wasn’t his biological daughter.

This week, however, Linda is left speechless when Damon appears in the Emergency Department with baby Evie and her unsuspecting emergency foster mother Sarah…

Earlier Damon tricked Sarah into thinking he was a helpful stranger. In reality he’d spotted Evie with Sarah and slashed the foster mum’s tyres. Devious Damon then offered Sarah a lift when she returned to her vandalised car. He was thwarted from his intentions, however, when another car forced him to break suddenly and the near collision caused Evie’s nose to bleed significantly.

Meanwhile, Damon’s overbearing mother is admitted to the hospital after suffering a bad fall. Horrified at discovering she has a granddaughter and unable to share her son with anyone – even his own daughter – Alice falsely accuses Damon of assault and Linda calls security to keep him away from Evie.

Enraged at his mother’s spiteful accusations, Damon bitterly lights Alice’s fatal last cigarette. With his mother now dead, Damon starts a fire in his deceased mother’s room…

Having created a chaotic distraction Damon goes in search of Linda and Evie. Linda manages to calm Damon down and dissuades him from kidnapping Evie.

Elsewhere, Damon’s dysfunctional behaviour has an affect on vulnerable, pregnant doctor Ruth. The troubled medic decides her relationship with Jay will never work and she breaks up with him!

Meanwhile, Lenny and visiting fire inspector frank discover there’s an electrical fire in the basement and get engulfed in an enormous backdraft…