Linda busies herself with arranging a small family gathering for Nancy’s 21st birthday. When Nancy reveals she’s invited some mates over, Linda panics that Dean will turn up. As Mick and Stan bring in a birthday cake and flowers for Nancy, it brings back terrible memories for Linda about the night Dean raped her. Losing it, Linda shocks the family as she screams at everyone to get out.

Emma is alarmed when Ian says that he knows she’s been having an affair with Max and doesn’t want her to help on the murder case any more. At the police station, Keeble calls in Emma for a word. Breaking down, Emma tells Keeble that her job is everything to her. A stern Keeble tells Emma that DCI Croft will see her in the morning.

Peter is confused when Mick lets slip that he covered for Ian about Rainie because the timing would have looked bad. Confronting his dad, Peter realises that Ian was with Rainie the night Lucy died. Later, Peter meets Ian at the funeral home to view Lucy’s headstone, agreeing to let it drop when Ian promises there will be no more lies. Later, there’s another shock when Emma announces she’s off the case when Peter and Lauren realise she’s been seeing Max.

Also, there’s chemistry between Charlie and Ronnie as they prepare a room for the baby.