The hospital’s most tempestuous relationship – Faye’s engagement to Doctor Linden – comes crashing down this week when Linden calls it quits. After Faye returns from her divorce mediation, she is reluctant to reveal to Linden how she convinced Joseph into a quick divorce.

It’s down to Joseph to reveal the terms – he will grant her their separation if she admits adultery as the cause of their split, and names Linden on the divorce papers. The deal causes Linden to realise that Faye is turning him into a man he doesn’t recognise any more and tells her that they are through, before walking out on Holby. Has Linden left the wards for good?

Elsewhere, Michael enjoys a night of hedonism with a party girl, but it ends in drama when she overdoses. Also, Greg fights jealousy as Connie flirts with a new doctor on Darwin.