Linden Cullen comes to a sticky end this week when he’s brutally attacked and killed by a drug-addicted patient. Before his grim demise, Linden finally wises up to on/off lover Faye Byrne’s true duplicity when he realises that she faked her recent urinary tract infection just to gain sympathy in a bid to win him back. The pair have what turns out to be their final showdown, in which Faye begs a furious Linden to forgive her. But Linden offers no more faith in his pregnant ex and spurns her desperate advances.

After a miserable shift, things truly go from bad to worse when he later discovers Faye being threatened by Monty, a drug-addled patient to whom the team have denied morphine. Wrestling Monty away from Faye, Linden finds himself at the smashed end of a vodka bottle. The bloody and sudden attack leaves the team devastated when Linden dies from his injuries…

Also this week, Frieda is cheered by Oliver’s attention, but he’s warned off by Penny; Michael finally flips and punches Ric.