Linden is suspended after dodgy operation

Jayne tells Linden that he must go on gardening leave until the Liam Harris situation is resolved. Later, she is shocked to discover that instead of going home, he operated on a patient and she has no choice but to officially suspend him.

She calls Connie and Ric into her office to tell them that they are the two strongest candidates for the Director of Surgery job. They are both delighted – may the best horse win!

Sam has his final scan and is given the all-clear from his cancer. He embraces Maria and kisses her full on. Having misunderstood the kiss, Maria is off getting ready for celebratory drinks she mistakenly thinks is is a date. On seeing the dozen champagne glasses lined up, she realises her mistake and runs off, clearly upset.

Also, a Chinese couple arrive in Holby. When the woman is collapses, an ultrasound shows that she is expecting twins, but they are conjoined.