Linden steps in when Joseph fails to show

It’s the day of Archie’s christening and Linden is the only person at the church to support Faye. Stuck in theatre, Joseph pages Jac to cover for him and after ‘missing’ three of his messages, she finally turns up. At the church, Faye asks Linden if he will step in as Archie’s Godfather in Joseph’s place. Later, Joseph is devastated to learn that Linden is Archie’s godfather, but later tells Faye he wants to spend his life with her.

After Ric finds drug addict Tom fighting on Darwin, Tom reveals he’s been training as a med student and claims he was defending himself from the other man who had a knife. Tom hopes Ric will look out for him but Michael is gunning for Tom, thinking he’s hopeless. As Ric tries to explain that Tom should be given a chance, Ric spots Michelle, who asks for money for Leo’s son.

When Tom asks Michelle if she can get him some heroin, she agrees and, as they talk, she admits to Tom that the child isn’t really hers. When Ric approaches Michelle with the cash, she refuses it, admitting that the child doesn’t really belong to her. Disappointed that Michelle has been scamming him all along, Ric decides to help Tom instead.

Also, news comes of a Cdif outbreak on Darwin, but Mark is preoccupied looking after baby Joe, as Daisha’s decided to keep him. Connie comes to the rescue and suggests Mark let her nanny look after the tot.