Linden’s daughter returns!

The quietly brooding Linden comes face to face with his tragic past when he visits the grave of his late wife Olivia on their wedding anniversary. Noticing that his teenage daughter Holly is laying flowers, Linden slips away unnoticed by his estranged offspring, leaving him deeply distracted as he begins work on the wards.

Later that day, Linden can’t escape when Holly turns up at the hospital, and for the first time in nine years father and daughter are in the same room. Having fallen out with her maternal grandparents, who have brought her up since her mother’s death, Holly turns to Linden for advice. It’s not long until resentment for his absence in her life rises to the surface though, when Linden refuses to let her live with him and Holly accuses Linden of not caring about her.

Linden explains that it was too painful for him when Olivia died to carry on bringing up his daughter – a constant reminder of his dead wife. He is stopped in his tracks when Holly responds that she didn’t just lose a mother, she lost her father too. Despite his refusal to offer her a roof over her head, and suggesting she return to her grandparents and sort out their issues, Linden is troubled by the weight of his fatherly responsibilities.

It is only when he chastises a patient for selfishly only thinking about himself that Linden realises he needs to face up to his demons and be there for Holly. In a life-changing u-turn, Linden invites Holly to return home with him. But will it be happily ever after for the reunited pair?

Meanwhile, junior doctors Oliver and Penny are both looking to impress on the day of their big assessment. Oliver aims high when he undermines Jac’s authority in order to ‘save’ a patient, but ends up having to admit that Jac’s diagnosis was the correct one. Penny has more luck when she undertakes an advanced procedure with success.

Also: Thandie Griffin’s return to the hospital disturbs Elliot, whom she previously made an accusation of race discrimination against. Can the surgeon put their past behind them and accept Thandie’s new role at Holby?