The action moves from the classroom to the courtroom for part of this episode… Lindsay’s mother Marion is on trial for killing her husband, Lindsay’s father, and it’s going badly for her. It’s not going well for Lindsay, either. Rachel knows that her father was sexually abusing her but now it’s discussed in open court – and schoolgirls Michaela and Ros are in the public gallery. Cracking under the pressure, Lindsay turns to Rachel and tells her what really happened the day her father died…

Back at Waterloo Road, French teacher Steph also feels a need to speak out… She warns art teacher Kim against getting too involved with Executive Head Max. Ooops, too late for that! And when Max hears that Steph has been bad-mouthing him he decides she has to go. He tries to get Rachel’s nephew, Year 11 student Philip, to report incidences of Steph’s incompetence, but Philip won’t play ball. In his fury, Max lashes out, causing Philip to fall and hurt himself. And then he sacks Steph.

When Steph’s department head, Jo, learns that Max has been playing dirty she walks out in support of Steph. But when Rachel gets back from court she reinstates them both and gives Max a rollicking. He reacts by trashing Rachel’s office. Will she be next?

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