Lindsey goes into labour!

After her waters break, Lindsey calls Kim who rushes to the garage. Kim rings Celine and Tegan to meet her at the hospital and sneaks in with Lindsey. Meanwhile, Joe makes up with Mercedes and he and Freddie go to the garage to get Joe’s phone but, using a ‘Where’s My Phone’ app, discover that it’s in the closed emergency ward at the hospital and head over there.

Tegan and Celine refuse to help Lindsey, but switch to nurse mode when they hear her screams. Lindsey gives birth just as Freddie and Joe arrive at the hospital… and she teases Joe that Mercedes is in danger. Elsewhere, Mercedes is terrified by a visitor at the Roscoes’…

Also, Cleo goes to the Space Ball, but Pete continually rings her, while Myra is having a whale of a time there. Myra tells Sally that Scott threatened her, but Scott reassures Sally he will keep quiet about her secret.