Lindsey’s haunted by her past

Freddie books a date for his and Lindsey’s wedding. Lindsey looks through a keep-sake box and her blood runs cold when she finds a newspaper cutting with the headline: ‘Tragedy at local beauty spot’. Haunted by the dark memory from her past, Lindsey tells Freddie about her sister, Kath, and the accident that left her brain damaged. Later, during her wedding dress fitting, Lindsey finds another disturbing reminder from her childhood in Kim’s cardigan – it’s the address for Kath’s care home and Lindsey decides to pay her little sister a visit…

Following Trevor’s orders, Darren prints off a list of Joe’s contacts for him. But Darren suddenly feels guilty about double-crossing his brother when Joe buys him a new ‘Daz Cabs’ sign for the front of the garage.

Also, to get back at dad Patrick, Sienna tells Dr S’avage that Patrick has been hitting her. Patrick is backed into a corner when Dr S’avage questions him about Sienna’s injuries and he asks his daughter to come home.