When a video emerges of a girl being attacked before being shot in the head, Ronnie and Sam are straight onto what they believe to be a murder case.

After doing some investigating, the pair discover that the girl’s name is Anna. They trace her address, knock on the door and are stunned when Anna – completely unharmed – answers.

Taking Anna to the police station, Sam questions her about the incident. Although she begins to give evidence and explain what happened, she becomes so upset that she runs out of the room and says that she doesn’t want to press charges against the group of boys who attacked her. However, after Sam and Alesha talk to her, she decides to give evidence in the hope of securing a conviction.

However, when new evidence emerges that the gun used in the online, viral video was a fake, the defense are confident that the boys will be in the clear over what’s happened. Alesha, determined not to let the boys walk free, traces another girl who was a victim at the hands of the boys. After gathering yet more evidence, the case is won, and each of the three boys are sent down.