Zak’s unhappy when he goes to see Lisa in prison. He hates having to leave Belle at home when she desperately wants to see her mum and tells Lisa how upset their daughter is. Against her better judgement, Lisa agrees to let Belle visit her.

Ashley’s sick with fear. Psycho Sally has not only stuck the knife in, but also given it a sharp twist and now Ashley has to live with the pain. When Laurel returns from Devon he doesn’t mention Sally at all and Laurel has no idea her husband’s had that woman in their house again. But if Sally has her way Ashley will have to tell Laurel – and it will have to be soon.

Ashley’s not the only tormented soul in Emmerdale… Aaron is still struggling with his sexuality. He goes back to the gay pub in town and stands outside, working up the courage to go in and finally admit he’s gay. But just before he takes that big step Ryan and Andy turn up. They’re out for a few drinks and invite Aaron to join them. That’s not what he wants at all but he’s lost his nerve. He doesn’t go with Ryan and Andy but he can’t go into the pub, either…

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