Wayne gives Lisa until the end of the day to get the reward money back for him. She panics when Lockie tells her he’s already spent the £3k loan from Simone. The ‘Tugboat Grill’ launch is a success, until Lisa finds out Wayne has tampered with all the burgers. She snatches a burger away from Zack, lying that she didn’t store the meat at the right temperature. Everyone demands refunds, while Lisa decides to help Wayne and agrees to prostitute herself like she used to.

Ben asks Trevor again whether he killed Carly but doubts Trevor’s to blame when he sees how vulnerable he is about Dylan. As Dylan’s hearse pulls into the village, Trevor and Ben arrive, and Ben tells Sienna they need to talk about Nico. At the funeral, Ben’s affected by Trevor’s emotional words and leaves. Sienna realises she can never move on with Ben and decides to tell him the truth about Nico. As Nico pulls her mother away and they argue, she pushes Sienna into a shallow grave and promises to put her there for real if she breathes a word.

Harry has a shower at Diane’s flat when the plumbing breaks at the Boarding House. Ste’s uncomfortable around half-naked Harry and tells him they’re never going to be together. Thinking Harry is pining over Cleo, Tony tells his son to write his feelings in a letter. Ste calls Harry’s bluff when he threatens to tell Tony about him being gay, so Harry backs off. Harry drafts an email telling Ste how he feels but Tony finds it. He knows it’s not for Cleo when he reads about there being a baby involved.

Also, Nana visits Derek again. He’s dying and wants her to forgive him for how he treated her when they were together. She makes him promise not to tell Reenie she was there.