Lisa and Zak confiscate Belle’s phone!

Has anyone else noticed how bad girl Belle has stressed out dad Zak so much she’s turned his hair and beard totally grey? Or he’s run out of hair dye… Lisa’s definitely running out of patience with Belle. She tries to keep the little minx out of mischief with some chores, but the only work Belle wants to do is on Thomas – and that’s who she’s with when Lisa phones her. Belle’s ordered home where yet another showdown results in Lisa and Zak confiscating Belle’s phone. They can’t do that! Teenagers can’t function without a phone! Then Zak and Lisa see just how Belle has been functioning with her phone – it’s full of rather raunchy pictures of the teenager. What??? She’ll never get her phone back now!

Cain has shown no interest in getting back on talking terms with Chas – until now. He’s not thinking of Chas as ‘Sister of the Year’ but after Chas said her piece a few days ago, Cain is speaking to her again – and he’s not being snide or sarcastic… well, no more than he is with everyone. But he makes it clear that Debbie can’t know. Which means Debbie’s going to find out very soon…

Talking of women with attitude, Brenda’s decided she’s not going to be a pushover any more – and that turns Bob on! Oh, boy!