Lisa fears Zak’s been burned alive!

Lisa rushes to the rescue when she finds Cain's caravan alight and believes Zak to be inside

Finding Cain’s caravan on fire, Lisa panics thinking Zac is inside! As she sets to with buckets of water to try to put out the flames, Cain arrives on the scene and tries to stop her entering the wall of flames… Meanwhile, Charity unnerves Kerry when she asks whether she double-checked if Zak was inside the van. Is Zak dead?

There’s yet another romantic disaster for Chas and Paddy when a date goes disastrously wrong. Having seen Ross chatting up Rebecca, Paddy tries the same lines on Chas, who’s less than impressed. As the evening goes from bad to worse, Chas’s top catches fire!

Elsewhere, protective mum Chas is worried when Robert shows little interest in planning her son Aaron’s birthday. But Robert’s got plenty on his mind already. At Home Farm he warns Rebecca their secret meetings need to stop.