Uh-oh… Lisa catches Luke trying to get lucky with Belle! Luke struck out the night before but he’s back at Wishing Well cottage – and his wish is to get Belle into bed. Debbie’s seen them, though and she knows (from her own teenage adventures) exactly what Luke wants. She tells Charity and Charity tells Lisa, who gets home just in time… Luke’s all over Belle on the sofa – until Lisa grabs him by his collar and hauls him out of her house. Belle just wants the ground to open and swallow her up, but that never happens when you want it to.

The only thing that has gone right for Alicia lately is getting the job at Home Farm. Megan likes her (Nicola doesn’t but then Nicola doesn’t seem to even like herself) and does Alicia a massive favour by asking her to go to Scotland on business – with Jacob. That will put plenty of space between Alicia and David and she won’t have to see him with Priya – and feel her heart break a little bit more every time she does.

Chas’s heart is beginning to believe that Cameron is never coming back. Debbie loves taunting Chas with that thought, while Bernice taunts Chas with the cold hard fact that the pub is losing money.