Lisa’s in a spin about her 60th, but Belle insists her mum thinks about herself for a change. Given food for thought, Lisa disappears off and seeks out her estranged husband and invites him to her birthday party! Later, Lisa arrives at the Woolie dressed to the nines. Her guests are stunned when Zak and Joanie turn up. Despite the frosty reception, Lisa insists the love cheats stay. It’s clear she’s got something she wants to say to Zak. who reels when she publicly announces she’s filed for divorce!

With Paddy totally distracted by Tess’s shock death, he can’t focus at work. Out on a job, harried Paddy hurries off and sneaks away to Tess’s funeral. The vet is in tears as he listens to Tess’s husband’s eulogy. Later, at home, Paddy tells his wife his car broke down. As Paddy goes off for a bath, Megan arrives and tells Rhona she saw Paddy at Tess’s funeral…

While Nikhil takes a call about a job back in Canada, Leyla turns to David for support, admitting that despite their split, she still has feelings for Nik. Elsewhere, Ashley’s given an idea when Laurel lies to Doug, telling her dad that she and Ashley are getting married again.