Lisa hopes Debbie will bond with Sarah

Lisa agrees to look after Sarah again and she’s secretly pleased when Jo mentions that Sarah was particularly taken with a paper necklace she brought home, although she hides the fact that she let Sarah see Debbie. Lisa takes Sarah to see Debbie at the garage but Debbie turns down Lisa’s offer of lunch. Lisa won’t be put off, however, and she later takes Sarah round to Debbie’s and implores her to be more involved in her daughter’s life. A furious Andy sees Debbie hugging Sarah and he tells Lisa that he doesn’t want Debbie in Sarah’s life.

Jack takes Victoria for lunch at the Woolpack, but he’s filled with jealousy when he sees Diane talking to John from the brewery. Jack asks Bob for more details about John but he’s confused when Bob reveals that John is gay. Jack confronts Diane and demands to know who she was really sweet on, but she refuses to confess.

Carrie and Jimmy spend time with each other at Home Farm, but Carrie’s rivalry with Kelly is still very much on her mind. Carrie wonders whether she should risk upheaval in her home life to try to pursue a relationship with Jimmy.