Peggy has a black eye after Phil‘s outburst and Pat is appalled. Peggy sneaks Louise out of the house and takes her to find Lisa. Lisa is stunned to see Louise with Peggy and invites them in. Lisa tells Peggy that she left Louise in Walford because she was having a breakdown and thought Louise would be better off with Peggy. Peggy wants what’s best for Louise and lets her stay with Lisa. Lisa promises Peggy she will let her and Phil see Louise whenever they want.

Meanwhile, Phil is getting paranoid about losing Louise and concerned that Social Services are trying to stitch him up he cuts off the phone and locks the door. Phil finds out that Peggy has taken Louise and storms into the Vic to confront Shirley who was supposed to be looking after her. Phil is raging.

Max calls Tanya again and leaves a message saying that Rainie is back on the booze and he needs Tanya to sort her out. Max gets Tanya drunk in preparation for meeting Tanya in the Vic. Tanya doesn’t turn up and Rainie tells Max that her sister hates her.

Also, Denise loses both her daughters as Chelsea and Libby leave the Square.

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