Zak is fighting the urge to take the law into his own hands and deal out Dingle-style justice to Derek. But that’s not what Lisa wants. She needs Zak to go with her to the police, where she makes a statement, giving them all the painful details of how, where and when Derek raped her. Zak gives her his support, but later reveals to Laurel that he still wants to rip Derek apart.

Derek’s just one of a few blokes Cain would happily lay into. Jai’s another. But Cain is finally seeing clearly enough to see that maybe he was wrong about Charity sleeping with Jai (he was). Debbie encourages Cain to swallow his pride and apologise to Charity. And he does – in a restaurant in front of Jai, Declan and Ella. He’s sorry he doubted Charity and he’s sorry he slept with Faye – but Charity’s reaction chokes him. It’s too little too late and she tells Cain where to go – and it’s not back to her bed.

Andy has more luck on the romance front when Alicia agrees to go on a date with him. Hmmm, two live wires rubbing up against each other has to lead to fireworks…