Lisa has tried everything to keep Lizzie away from dirty, devious Derek – everything except telling her the truth. She tries once more to convince Lizzie to steer clear of the creep, but Lizzie still thinks this is because Lisa’s jealous. Derek starts to back up Lizzie and warn Lisa off, but Lisa won’t let her friend be hurt the way Derek hurt her. The last thing Lisa feels is jealousy and she tells Lizzie why; she tells Lizzie – and the whole factory – that Derek raped her and she won’t let him do it again!

Nicola is not going to let Jimmy just disappear. She and Carl talk to the police in Peterborough, but they still can’t confirm that the blood in the van is Jimmy’s and they have no idea where he is. Nicola and Carl show Jimmy’s photo to passersby, but they get nothing. No one’s seen Jimmy, no one’s heard from Jimmy and Nicola’s going crazy with worry.

Marlon’s driving Rhona crazy with his constant fussing. He joins her at her first baby yoga class, but makes the experience far from relaxing and Rhona has to tell him to back off and let her carry the baby her way.

*Second episode*

Lisa has told everyone at the factory that Derek raped her, now she has to tell Zak what she’s told her friends. At home, she takes a deep breath and tells Zak that his good mate Derek raped her. His reaction is typical Dingle – but also understandable. Zak wants to tear Derek apart for what he has done to his wife, but that’s not what Lisa wants. She finally lets the tears come and tells Zak she doesn’t want to lose him to prison so he has to deal with this her way. Meanwhile, back at the factory, Derek is still insisting there’s nothing to deal with. Lisa’s lying. But Chas doesn’t believe him, she believes Lisa, and she tells everyone they should believe Lisa, too.

Cain believes Lisa when he hears what she says Derek did to her. But he can’t believe his eyes when he catches a glimpse of the lingerie that Charity has treated herself to. Tormented by Charity and ready to kill Derek, Chas has to step in to convince Cain not to do anything stupid.

Carl has to convince a desperate Nicola to head home to Angelica. But it breaks her heart to leave Peterborough without Jimmy.