Lisa stands up to Derek, then turns on Zak

Zak’s taken his cricket bat around to Derek’s house and is ready to knock the rapist for six. But Lisa stops him. She’s realised that Zak has gone to dish out Dingle justice to Derek and races after him. She begs Zak to walk away and, as he does, Derek thanks her. Idiot! She hasn’t done it for him; he’s a rapist and Lisa tells him one day he’ll pay for what he’s done. She leaves with Zak and, at home, he tells her he’s proud of her. But Lisa’s not proud of Zak. He told her he wouldn’t go after Derek and he did.

Jimmy’s still chasing his memory and surprises everyone when he remembers something about his father, Tom, and Charity (and there was certainly some memorable moments between those two). But he’s swamped by confusion again when he gets a call from a mystery woman who says she knows him. Her identity is a complete mystery to him and he passes the phone to Carl, but the woman has gone… For now.

Amy’s going nowhere. The foster panel has given its verdict and she’s staying with Val and Pollard. Now they’re going to find out her middle name is Trouble!

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