Lisa steps up her campaign against Sonia…

Zack desperately wants to believe Sonia when she pleads her innocence over the trashing of Price Slice, but he can’t bring himself to. Sonia realises she has to take the blame for Lisa to drop her vendetta, so she lies to the Lovedays that she was responsible for trashing Price Slice. Lisa, however, tells Sonia that she won’t stop tormenting her until she leaves the village. Later, Joanne warns Louis to be careful of Lisa.

Harry asks James to give Tony a job at the new restaurant, but James wants Harry to sleep with him again in return. Harry’s about to accept but threatens James with the police instead. Worried about being arrested for his fake kidnap of Harry, James agrees to help Tony. Later, Ste finds out that Harry has lied about his whereabouts when he spots him with James.

Ellie and Marnie sweep Holly away for a pamper day to stop her from telling Nathan about their Rachel lie. Nathan thanks Holly for helping him move on but he’s secretly still struggling without Rachel, despite thinking she cheated on him.

Also, Jade thinks Tom still wants to be with Peri, so she and Alfie decide to set them up. Tom records a romantic video for Peri – but his words are meant for Jade.