It’s a step too far for Lisa when Joanie asks her to help Zak and Belle get back on talking terms. Furious at her hubby’s new lover’s interference, Lisa flips and drops Zak’s pigs off at Dale View! The pigs proceed to trash the place leaving Zak and Joanie with yet another mess to clean up.

Laurel knows she won’t be able to cope with a newborn, a partner with dementia and the kids, so she’s considering terminating her unplanned pregnancy. But Ashley is against abortion on religious grounds. When Doug steps in to have a word with the vicar, will he make Ashley see it’s time to put Laurel’s needs first?

Kirin has decided to take paternity leave and is relieved when Rishi offers to watch over the business. But it’s salt in the wounds for Kirin’s dad Rakesh, who’s been ousted from his son’s life.

Paddy’s invited to a conference which will involve an overnight stay at a hotel. Instead of asking Rhona to come with him, he invites his secret lover Tess.