Lisa tells Derek to keep his hands off Lizzie

Life at the toffee factory is getting stickier by the minute for Lisa. Lizzie won’t listen to her warnings about Derek so Lisa confronts the creep who raped her in the tearoom and tells him to stay away from Lizzie. But Derek isn’t scared or worried. He calmly tells Lisa that their fling is over and she can’t tell him who he can and can’t talk to. Fling??? He raped her! And Lisa’s terrified he’s about to do the same to Lizzie…

Nicola’s terrified about what might have happened to Jimmy. The police turn up in Emmerdale to report that they’ve found Jimmy’s van in Peterborough – but there’s no sign of Jimmy, just traces of blood. They don’t even know if it’s Jimmy’s blood. Now Carl and Nicola are really worried and take off together to search for him. If Jimmy’s playing games, they’re stupid, scary games that Nicola doesn’t like one little bit.

Cain still thinks Charity’s playing a game and is just using Jai to wind him up. So what’s Cain doing sleeping with ginger whinger Faye? Isn’t he taking the ‘game’ a bit too far?