As the Surf Club ball continues, Belle tells Drew their passion must wait until she’s told Lucas about them. The next morning Belle drops in on Lucas before school, but chickens out of breaking up with him. Worried that a bitter Lisa might reveal the truth to Lucas before Belle, Drew pleads with his ex to keep quiet. But, intent on revenge, Lisa heads straight for Lucas’ house where she breaks the grim news that Belle and Drew are back together.

A disbelieving Lucas confronts Belle at school and he’s relieved when, panicking, she denies she’s back with Drew. Unhappy at being called a liar, Lisa hooks up a camera to the TV in the middle of their classroom, and shows a photograph to everyone of Belle and Drew kissing earlier that day.

Kit, James, Rachel, Kim, Jack and Sam are enjoying a picnic together, but they’re unaware that Rusty is lurking in the background, watching Jack and Sam. Later, Sam is shocked to encounter Rusty at the toilet block, recognising him as one of her ex-husband’s dodgy associates. He tries to grab her, but Sam dodges, and screams for help as she frantically runs towards the nearby bush.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday May 24*