Lisa and Zak face identifying Belle’s body

The police have told the Dingles they have found a girl's body. Is it Belle?

The Dingles have been desperate to find runaway Belle and then the police turned up and told them they had found a body. Lisa went alone to the morgue but, once she got there, she struggled to face what lay ahead. Zak arrived and insisted that they go in together and Lisa agreed. After the horror of viewing the body, Zak and Lisa feel horror mixed with relief: it wasn’t Belle. They are united by their ordeal and Zak is a comfort to Lisa. But that is no comfort to his new wife, Joanie.

Rhona became jealous of Pierce’s friendship with Carly and told him she can’t be cheated on again. Pierce promised he wouldn’t do that to her and told her he loves her. And Rhona told him she loves him, too.

Bernice told Robert she wanted to move fast to clear Andy’s name but he told her they have to go slow. Tricking Chrissie into revealing her treachery won’t be easy but he is trying to get to her through Lachlan, by texting the boy as his father, Donny. Oh, Robert! You dirty dog!