Lisa’s death devastates Lucas

Ric and Drew are jubilant after escaping from Denni, but Lucas is worried Denni might seek revenge on Lisa. But Drew has little sympathy for Lisa, blaming her for the trouble Denni’s caused. Meanwhile, Matilda, Belle and Fitzgerald find the wreckage of Denni’s car – Denni seems to have survived but Lisa’s injuries are life-threatening.

After learning of the accident, Ric and Drew swear to Matilda and Belle that they had nothing to do with it. Knowing the cops will want to inspect his car, Drew hides it, and strips it of Dom’s stolen spare parts. Belle is angry and disappointed when she finds out he’s lying to the police, and is further shocked to learn that Lisa has died.

Hearing the news about Lisa, Lucas is desolate, blaming himself for not doing more to stop her getting back in the car with Denni. Tony tries to comfort his son, but guilty Lucas heads to the hospital to confront Denni.

Jazz tries her best to protect Drew from the police investigation, insisting he is innocent. So she’s relieved when Drew is cleared of causing the accident. But when Drew hands over his car at Belle’s insistence, the police discover the stolen parts and he is charged with receipt of stolen goods.

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