Lisa’s got shock news for Belle (VIDEO)

When Joanie grovels for a job at the factory, Lisa’s heart sinks as her tactics pay off. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Lisa soon learns Joanie, her estranged husband’s lover, will be working on the same shifts as her! Fed up with having their relationship played out in front of her very eyes, Lisa makes a decision and tells Belle she’s selling the house to get away from Zak and his fancy woman.

In the Woolpack, Laurel and Ashley’s wedding reception is in full swing but the guests are confused as the newlyweds are nowhere to be seen! Little do they know, but dementia sufferer Ashley has had a stroke and is in hospital. There, Laurel realises her husband can’t even remember the fact that they’ve just got hitched.

Gordon’s scheming seems to be working as he’s got Liv on board as an informant. He’s hoping for information he can use against Aaron to quash his son’s allegations of childhood sexual abuse.