Lisa’s misery worries Zak

Zak’s a Dingle male, which means that being sensitive to a woman’s moods is not something he’s ever really bothered with. But even he can see that Lisa’s unhappy and thinks it’s because she’s fallen out with Derek. They were such good mates and Derek’s become Zak’s good mate, but now Lisa doesn’t want Derek around and doesn’t even want to hear his name mentioned. So Zak asks Derek what’s going on. He tells Zak they’ve fallen out over overtime when they’ve really fallen out over what he did to Lisa while they were doing overtime!

Aaron’s no coward. He wants to be straight with Jackson (if you see what we mean) so he tells him he’s dating Flynn. Hiding his hurt, Jackson asks Aaron to tell him all about his new boyfriend. Aaron’s reluctant, but Jackson insists he’s OK about it all and even asks to meet Flynn. But, really, it’s breaking his heart.

Pollard and his dodgy heart face a medical as part of his application to foster Amy. Val, too, but everything of hers is so well pickled she should be fine. Amy’s worried, though; maybe a coffin dodger with a weak heart won’t be allowed to foster her.