Lisa tells Holly she’s not prepared to model nude for her art class. But she changes her mind when she realises the family’s funds can’t stretch to the Christmas present Belle wants. Zak would be furious if he knew, so can Lisa keep her secret under wraps?

Ryan’s struggling with his feelings for Maisie and when she walks into The Woolpack dressed for a night out, he can’t take his eyes off her. Jai has also noticed how good she looks and apologises for the way he treated her in the past. Maisie has a drink with him but gets tipsy and, worried for her friend, Katie gets Ryan to help her get Maisie back to her place. Ryan settles Maisie on the sofa and she tells him she likes him caring for her. They almost kiss, then Katie comes back down the stairs with some bedding for Maisie. She takes Ryan upstairs but his conflicted emotions are written all over his face. Will Ryan keep Maisie at arm’s length?

Outside The Woolpack, Mark sneaks a few moments with Faye. He wants them to go somewhere they can be together – which means he wants her in bed – but Faye says he has to wait. Can he be patient, though?

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