Lisa’s rushed to hospital after Gabby’s prank goes wrong

Lisa has a cardiac arrest and is rushed to hospital after drinking a pint which has been spiked with ketamine

In the Woolie, Daz’s pint has been spiked but the drug seems to be having zero effect. Baffled teens Liv and Gabby, who are behind the prank on Bernice’s bloke, soon find out why. Liv has spiked the wrong drink! It’s Lisa’s pint which has been tampered with, which the girls find out to their horror when Lisa collapses and is rushed to hospital. Lisa has angina and before long has gone into cardiac arrest…

Meanwhile, at the vets’ surgery, Paddy discovers some ketamine has gone missing, leading him to panic.

Joe is stunned when drug dealer Simon reveals  he was the intended target of the attack which has all but destroyed Ross Barton. As Simon adds that his ex Debbie ordered the hit on Joe, the mogul is horrified that she would do such a thing to him.

[Hour-long episode]