Lisa’s worst nightmare comes true: she’s sent to prison for thumping the copper. Some women would consider two months away from the belching, beer-swigging, work-shy Dingle menfolk a brilliant holiday. But Lisa is used to their funny little ways; she loves Zak and hates having to leave Belle. Zak, too, is devastated. He blames Shadrach for everything and throws him out. Then he tells Belle the bad news: her mum is doing porridge instead of making it.

No one in Emmerdale has spotted psycho Sally yet, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t there. It’s her who vandalises Diane’s car and then moves on to the vicarage. The house is empty, so Sally’s got plenty of time to do her worst. But she settles for rearranging the fridge magnets – for now…

Elsewhere, there are some very unsettled villagers… Upset by Lisa’s prison sentence, Charity tells Cain they should make the most of every day and sweet-talks him into bed. Eli and Olena are feeling frisky, too, but feel guilty because of the hurt they’re causing Sam. Rodney has less of a conscience when he meets a woman called Sue (Jan Francis – Just Good Friends, Mistresses). Encouraged by his pal Charlie, Rodney lies that he’s a solicitor. Tsk, tsk. Sue could sue him!

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