*First episode*

After her funny turn, Lisa visits the doctor, who books her into a clinic to get looked over, but as it clashes with Belle’s day release from the youth detention centre, she gives it a miss. Lisa’s thrilled when Belle arrives, but is painfully aware of the fact she has to go to work.

Later, at the factory, Lisa asks Kerry to cover for her while she nips home to see Belle, but just as she’s sneaking out, she’s spotted by Jai. He follows her home and gives her the sack. When Lisa returns to the factory to beg Jai to reconsider, he refuses and orders her out of the factory, but as she heads home she suddenly collapses…

In an attempt to get to know Rakesh a little bit better, she decides to try before she buys, as it were, by trying to seduce him. Meanwhile, Alicia tries to fix up Leyla, but her sister isn’t interested in going on a date until she realises Jai is within earshot. Will her attempt to make him jealous work?