*First episode* The new series opens six months on, with rain falling on Wisteria Lane. We learn that Mike is still in a coma and Susan is a constant visitor. She meets another regular visitor, Ian (played by Scotsman Dougray Scott), and they’re soon sharing coffee and, before long, dinner…

Tom’s trying to include his love child Kayla in his family activities, but Lynette draws the line at Kayla’s mother, Nora, getting involved. Lynette does her best to keep a family birthday party secret, but suspicious Nora turns up at the Scavo’s and rumbles the goings-on.

Carlos is now living in an apartment and Gabrielle is keeping a close watch on their surrogate Xiao Mei. She threatens the maid with deportation after the birth and Xiao Mei runs away in horror.

Things get very interesting with Bree’s new love interest, dentist Orson (Kyle MacLauchlan). After six months of dating he shows up with a ring… and she surprises herself and others by saying yes, even though their relationship hasn’t been consummated. Cue a hilarious bedroom scene.

All doesn’t smooth however – at their engagement party, an uninvited guest turns up. His old neighbour Carol shocks everyone by warning Bree that Orson killed his first wife!

*Second episode, 10.30pm*
Susan’s first date with Ian is a disaster. His in-laws show up at the same restaurant, so he quickly tries to pass Susan off as ‘Dr Mayer’. You know that’s going to be a success! Susan takes it as a bad omen and tells Ian she doesn’t think she can see him again.

Gabrielle and Carlos’s divorce talks aren’t going well, but after he gives her his mother’s pearl necklace she softens and invites him to Bree and Orson’s wedding reception.

Hours before the wedding Susan sees Orson get angry with a knife, so she pays a visit to his former neighbour, Carol. She says that Orson was the prime suspect in the disappearance of his first wife, but the police never found a body.

After Susan tells Gabrielle and Lynette, the girls confront Bree just before the ceremony. But she dismisses their claim and says she trusts him implicitly.

Susan spots ardent Ian at the reception. He’s swung an invite just to see her and he raises eyebrows by toasting the newlyweds. Susan proposes a counter-toast, to which he responds. Can’t she see how determined he is?

Gabrielle and Carlos’s truce is quickly shattered at the reception. They fight and Mama’s pearls are scattered all over the dancefloor… just as Xiao Mei’s waters break. The delivery goes smoothly until the baby actually arrives… revealing a beautiful African-American nipper!