Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden arrive at the Young Offenders’ Institute to see Liv Flaherty. They’re satisfied that she’s doing OK, and are about to leave when Steve takes them aside to talk about Liv (Isobel Steele). She’s being picked on for being an “alchy” and Steve reckons there might be something in it. Aaron’s (Danny Miller) worried about his little sister.

Megan’s terrified that someone is going to find out that she kissed Graham. In the Woolie, she takes him to one side and insists they keep their kiss a secret. But, soon, someone else knows…

There’s stress for Charity who learns Noah is planning to meet up with his half-brother Joe. Seeing as Charity’s former stepson is her No1 enemy, she’s not having any of it and confiscates her son’s phone. It doesn’t go down well when Debbie chips in and suggests Noah should be allowed to get to know his sibling.