Lives are in danger at the Hubbard house!

In the first of tonight’s episodes, Patrick gets caught in the drama at the Hubbard house following Claudette’s revelation. When further truths come to light, things take a deadly turn, threatening lives. Meanwhile, Denise is struggling to contain Jordan after shutting him in the house, as he’s determined to get out and get Lucas. Begging Jordan to listen, Denise despairs that her words aren’t getting through. Libby asks Masood for help and the police finally arrive.

Ronnie is touched when Tim gives her a locket with Danielle’s photograph in. Bonding as they talk about Joel, Tim moves in for a kiss but has totally misread the situation. Later, Ronnie apologises to Honey for being short with her earlier in the week. Honey suggests to Ronnie she make a go of things with Jack only to discover there might be a problem… she’s found a photo of Jack and Delphine on social media that seems to hint they’re getting married tomorrow!

Lee apologises to Mick for arguing with Nancy and causing Ollie’s accident. When Nancy overhears, she accuses Mick of taking Lee’s side. Fed up with Nancy’s moods, Donna gives Nancy a reality check. Ashamed by her behaviour, a repentant Nancy returns to The Vic and fixes Ollie’s high chair.