The emergency services arrive at the site of the car crash and Miranda is flown back to Erinsborough for treatment. Before she goes she makes Steve promise that he will find Bridget and India. Struggling with her injuries and battling against the cold, Bridget is wandering helplessly in the bush with India, while a storm is gathering.

Still totally unaware of the accident, Declan calls Steve who is then forced to relay to him the terrible news that Declan’s girls are missing. Against the advice of a paramedic, Steve joins the SES search party and eventually finds Bridget and India. But the Parker family’s survival is far from certain.

Sunny’s honest personality and her awkward English get her into trouble when she makes the suggestion that the teens have over-reacted because Bridget and Declan were only telling the truth about them. Zeke is especially hurt that Sunny could take their side and asks her if she sees him as an unstable guy who has issues. Sunny protests, saying that she likes Zeke for who he is, flaws and all. But she has tapped into Zeke’s deepest insecurities and his reaction leaves her wondering if their relationship can ever be repaired.

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