Liz accuses Michelle of cheating!

Michelle tells Will all about Steve, as Will confides that he thinks his fiancé, Saskia, is too good for him. Meanwhile, Erica’s suddenly inundated when a group of stags descends on the pub and Michelle hurries back to the Rovers to help out.  Will insists on mucking in and a suspicious Liz confronts Michelle and asks her if she’s having an affair with Will.

Kate admits to Sophie how she has nightmares about the wedding, but Sophie assures her it’s just nerves. When Caz calls Kate from Cyprus, she’s put out to realise she’s with Sophie and that she’s seen Kate’s wedding dress.

Izzy’s touched when Gary offers to move in and look after her, but she insists she must cope alone. Meanwhile, Yasmeen and Sharif relish telling Sally how their chicken coop passed the environmental inspection with flying colours.

A worried Sarah watches Harry sleeping.