Liz bans Becky the ‘drug dealer’

Becky‘s released on bail and she’s convinced no one will want anything to do with her. But then Steve arrives and tells her he’s been there half the night and apologises for thinking she was guilty. Back on the street, Kelly makes a sarcastic comment and Liz tells Becky everyone thinks she’s a drugs dealer, and she’s no longer welcome in the pub. Becky storms off feeling deeply hurt.

Sophie encourages a reluctant Kevin to take up running again in time for the fun run. He only agrees after Sophie blames Molly for going on holiday and tells Kevin he could raise funds for charity.

Norris is irritated with Ramsay for mixing up the paper deliveries and is quick to point out that one of their customers has cancelled her order as a result. Ramsay makes things worse later by breaking Norris’s favourite mug. Despite buying him a new one Norris is still angry and tells an astonished Rita he’s going to sack Ramsay.

Also, Lloyd wants some answers about why Liz didn’t return from Spain and she tells him she’s too old for him and wants to end their relationship; Claire organises a fete to raise money for the DVT support group; Tina tells Joe to pull himself together.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve desperately tries to defend Becky to Liz but she thinks Becky’s guilty and doesn’t want her son mixing with a drug dealer. When Blanche and Norris gossip about Becky, Hayley’s quick to defend her – but Becky knows it’s going to take more than the support of her friends to clear her name this time. Meanwhile, Steve confronts DC Hooch and offers him a thousand pounds to leave Becky alone.

Molly and Tyrone arrive back from their holiday and at the earliest opportunity Kevin grabs a few moments with Molly and tells her it would be best if she pulled out of the fun run. Affronted Molly suggests he pulls out instead. Guilt-ridden about his affair, Kevin suggests to Sally they should consider moving to Cheshire, and while he just wants to get away from Molly, Sally’s thrilled.

Jim and Andy persuade Liz to reopen the pub and try to reassure her that trade will soon get back to normal despite the drugs raid.

Also, Emily’s disappointed when Ramsay announces he’s moving back to Australia, while Norris is secretly pleased; Ashley hopes to get in Claire’s good books before he breaks the news that he never went through with the vasectomy.