Vernon is excited about going to view the bar with Liz but she confides in Deirdre that she can’t muster up the same enthusiasm. The couple head off to see the bar and Vernon can see the potential, but an edgy Liz stalls and says they may not be able to afford it. Vernon thinks it’s in the bag when the owner knocks five grand off the asking price. Liz is forced to confess that the problem is not the bar – it’s him!

Michelle is embarrassed about attacking Leanne and tells Liam that Steve is actually planning to propose. Michelle is now one barmaid down and Becky is stunned when an unwitting Michelle asks her if she’d like to do some shifts at the pub!

Sally thinks it’s hilarious that Claire thought the fake Lowry was worth something and when she finds her in the yard sorting through a pile of club and concert programmes she thinks she’s being even more ridiculous. But Claire has the last laugh when Lloyd tells her that the programmes could be worth a mint.

Also, Carla and Tony discuss putting the two businesses under one roof and agree to approach Rita, Norris and Kevin about buying the Kabin and garage.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Vernon is still reeling from Liz’s decision not to run the bar with him, but he is stunned when she tells him that coming to view the bar has proved to her that she also wants out of the marriage. He tries to persuade her not to throw everything away, but she tearfully confesses that she should never have married him.

Tony and Carla discuss how to talk Rita and Norris into selling up and wonder whether to wine and dine them. They decide instead to stay on home territory at the Rovers and they plan their strategy to try and win them round. Tony offers them the market price plus 25 grand. Rita is tempted, but Norris is dismayed at the thought of selling up.

Claire is delighted when she gets a cheque for £7,000 for the programmes and can’t wait to tell Ashley. Sally is furious when she finds out and Kevin arrives home to a frosty atmosphere. He suggests they all go out for a slap-up meal courtesy of the windfall, but Sally has a go at Kevin for not emptying the loft before they moved.

Also, Roy is disapproving when Becky agrees to take the job at the Rovers.