Leanne explains to Liz that Dan used to be a client and once beat her up. Horrified, Liz storms round to see Dan and in front of his boss and daughter, accuses him of beating up prostitutes. However, Leanne admits her biggest fear now is that Dan might carry out his threat to tell Simon about her sordid past. Meanwhile, Dan lurks in the shadows, staring up at Leanne’s flat.

Following her outburst, Roy demands an apology but Carla remains unrepentant. As Roy mulls over Carla’s accusations, Cathy assures him they’ve done nothing wrong but he’s less convinced and Cathy leaves feeling hurt. Alone with Michelle, Carla admits how she blames herself for the fire and she regrets her spiteful comments to Roy. Michelle advises her to get away but Carla first returns to the café and apologises to Roy for her harsh words.

Pointing out he’s had enough junk food, Leanne tries to take Simon’s chocolate bar from him but he lashes out.

Also, Tracy’s pleased to receive a text from Robert. And Gary and Alya announce their engagement at the Eid celebrations.