Liz declares war on Clarissa

Harry regrets leading on Liz now that he knows Clarissa wants him back and he agrees to move back in with her. Liz is disappointed but she refuses to let it show. Clarissa can’t resist rubbing Liz’s nose in it and takes Harry to the Rovers for a ‘farewell drink’. After a few barbed comments from Clarissa, Liz can take no more and turns the tables on her. When the drinks start flying Liz seizes her moment and with great relish bars Clarissa from the Rovers!

Dev is gobsmacked when he meets Prem at the golf club and a famous Bollywood star from his youth walks into the bar. He’s even more shocked when she turns out to be Prem’s wife Nina!

Amber is amused when Dev returns home in a state of excitement and looks up Nina on the internet.

Ken is still holed up in the living room and it looks as though he’s been working on his book all night. Blanche and Deirdre are not amused by Ken’s sudden new obsession!

Also, Fiz is still having no luck avoiding John, despite her best efforts; Auntie Pam teaches Tyrone how to turn pennies into pounds.