Liz doesn’t believe Jim has changed

As Liz nervously prepares for her meeting with Jim, Peter begs for more alcohol, but Jim says he can have his reward once Liz and Steve have visited. Jim tells Liz how much he misses his family, but Liz points out he’s only himself to blame. Even when Jim tells her that he’s a changed man she is adamant she wants nothing to do with him. Later, Jim goes to see Peter and tells him that Liz visited alone and as he failed to get Steve to come, he won’t be getting any more booze.

Jason frets as he blames Tony and Todd for the fact that Tyrone is in hospital and Fiz can’t claim on the insurance.

Tracy runs through her diva-like wedding demands with Michelle.

Also, knowing that Steph would disapprove, Katy and Luke keep schtum about their kiss; while Julie and Mary compete to impress Dev at the gym.