Lloyd has a hangover and regrets spending the night with Teresa. Meanwhile, Teresa’s walking on air and nips to the cornershop to buy breakfast. But as she’s proudly telling Darryl about her night of passion Lloyd drives past in his cab – clearly doing a runner. Later, Liz apologises to Lloyd and tells him she’d like to give their relationship another go. Lloyd confesses to Liz he had a one night stand but doesn’t tell her who with – step in Michelle who unwittingly spills the beans to a horrified Liz.

Tyrone’s upset after Molly‘s behaviour recently and accuses her of not being interested in him. Molly tries to make light of it and leaves for work, but Tyrone tells a worried Kevin he wants to talk to him about Molly.

Leanne explains to Peter that although the bank will lend them some money it’s not nearly enough. She asks him to show her round the old joinery business once more so she can establish if it is worth continuing with their plans. Meanwhile, news of exactly where Leanne and Peter are planning to open their bar starts to spread and causes concern.

Also; Luke is a worried man and Tony accuses him of being a skiver

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Liz is furious about Lloyd and Teresa’s one night stand and hits out at Teresa until Lloyd manages to stop them. The fight spills onto the street where Darryl intervenes. Afterwards Teresa storms into the cornershop grabbing a bottle of vodka and an outraged Dev tells her she’s fired. Devastated, Lloyd leaves the pub watched by Teresa while Liz cries in the Rovers backyard, realising she’s all alone again.

Kevin takes Tyrone for a drink and he confides in Kevin that he thinks Molly’s having an affair. Feeling guilty Kevin assures him he’s imagining it leaving Tyrone relieved and grateful. Kevin calls in the cornershop and warns Molly of Tyrone’s suspicions and wonders if they should end their affair.

Helen and Barry arrive to see baby Liam. Helen makes it clear she disapproves of Tony and Maria’s relationship and as they start to talk about the anniversary of Liam’s death, Tony feels distinctly uncomfortable.

Also; Peter and Leanne realise they’re going to have drum up some local support if they’re going get their bar off the ground; Luke is devastated when he gets a call from his solicitor telling him that his deal with Carla has gone sour.

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